Audition, Vocal, & Dialect Coach
Sound Designer
Music Director

I have been coaching actors for over forty years in New York City. I have never publicly advertised my services, and have been fortunate to maintain a thriving business through word-of-mouth. I have been referred by directors, agents, managers, and satisfied students. I pride myself in my ability to match each student to music and text to get the call-back, tailor the performance, and offer real world advice to get and keep the job.

I think I’ve always taught, even when I was very young and a bossy little Brownie and Girl Scout (You, sing this! You, clap this rhythm! Here, this is how you read this and this is how you think about that and let’s read Nancy Drew out loud and play all the characters!)

Earlier in life, I had rewarding careers as a concert pianist, as an actor, and as a music director and sound designer. I was later given the opportunity to coach and teach, and I loved it. I learned so much from being in the room at auditions and rehearsals, and could observe what made a strong actor and singer –– one who would be a fine artist and someone who could contribute to a production. I also realized that being able to impart knowledge and experience and having developed the skill to communicate those experiences and comparisons and life lessons, are what I believe has made me an effective teacher.   

I learn every day that I teach. I learn from every student, and they return to me at many stages of their careers. And after 40 years in the City doing this, they send their children! I love to touch lives and my hope is to make those that I touch better in their artistry and more confident, comfortable, and honest as artists.

I want my students to be comfortable working with me, which is why my studio is in my home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you book your next audition.