Your needs are different than anyone else’s. I will tailor our sessions to you. During our first session we usually:

  • Review your resumé for clarity and impact
  • Assess your current book of music and monologue choices and identify those that will best present your talent
  • Search for new songs or monologues within my extensive resource library to match you and your talent
  • ‘Try on’ the new selections to decide which new favorites best represent you and your talent in auditions

Subsequent sessions are for polishing and getting you audition-ready. I have sat on the other side of the casting table for hundreds of productions. I know what you face in that room. This perspective benefits my effective approach to your audition to get that callback and contract. My goal is to make the unnatural act of auditioning as satisfying and compelling as a performance and to get you working.

Often, our sessions are spent with preparing for specific auditions. If you have a script or sides, we would work the material so that you make solid choices and present a clear understanding in your audition.

I offer concrete business and career advice for actors new to the field or just out of school. Because of my background in classical music, I also specialize in crossover coaching for opera. I also prepare students for high school and college programs that require contrasting and specific styles and time restrictions.

A special service I offer is being available for phone, text, email or Skype consultation.   This is especially useful when you are out of town or scheduled for a specific audition….tomorrow!

When I first met Deena, early in my career, I was given invaluable tools that have continued to help me over 2 decades of auditioning and performing. Now, as a Broadway veteran, I thank Deena for helping me prepare as a theater professional.
— JM
Throughout the 4 years as I have developed and changed as an actor, she is constantly replacing what I have outgrown and providing me with new songs and monologues from her amazing library of material. ... She is thorough, specific and tough, resulting in the best work I am capable of creating. Every audition I go into, I feel prepared and confident that the material I am presenting is appropriate and showcasing the best of my ability.
— JG