Developing Your Vocal Profile

I have been coaching a number of people for what I refer to as strengthening their vocal presence.  Many of them are not actors, but people who realize that it is to their benefit to sound confident and to speak with authority within their fields.

I differ from a lot of agencies who offer job preparation training since I am not making general statements about what should be done, but I address the individual’s issues to make them more effective in their communication. Contact me for more information.

As a reporter and host, it’s important for me to clearly convey a message. Before training with Deena, I would struggle with inconsistency, awkward pauses, and often try to talk at the listener instead of talking with the listener. Deena provided the training I needed to remake my delivery, and restore my confidence. Our weekly sessions left me feeling better and better every time, even as I was getting challenged to do exercises that I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with yet. By the end, I felt more confident, my voice sounded more clear and any accents had been removed, yet my voice retained its unique qualities. Deena also gave me the tools to assess myself from time to time to make sure I wasn’t sliding backwards once our training concluded. All in all, I was very happy with the training and her coaching, and it made me a better reporter and host.
— BA