School Audition Prep

All colleges, universities, conservatories, and specialized high schools have very specific audition requirements. Many of my clients have auditioned for numerous programs, and have been accepted to Yale, Emerson, Ithaca, ACT, La Guardia, and NYU, among others.

I am an audition coach and I have students on and off Broadway, in major films and TV shows and many fine university theatre programs, colleges and fine arts schools all over the world.  I have been coaching for 39 years in New York City.  I know I would be able to make your audition comfortable and the best you could be. 

What you do in production and class is quite different from what you do in an audition.  I might very well be adjusting your focus and having you work differently with language and intention.  What happens in an audition is unique and needs to represent a very specific type of presentation.  I teach master classes at colleges and schools so that teachers who don’t know what goes on in the audition room can learn the difference between audition and performance presentation.

She takes the time to get to know her students as both artists and people, and is therefore able to find material that showcases them in the most exceptional light. Working with her is always a joy and every session feels like a gift and a breath of fresh air. We all know that this business is filled with struggles, hardships, and huge bumps in the road. Every actor deserves to have someone like Deena in their corner, not just during those times, but always, to cheer them on, give them guidance, and remind them of the passion, drive, and talent they possess and all the reasons to persevere.
— EF
Deena is an amazing teacher! I came to her feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by choosing new material for my book. She has not only matched me with new amazing pieces but has helped me feel confident in my performances of them. Her industry savvy is matched with motherly warmth and support and I always leave each session, not only feeling good about my material, but feeling great about being an actor. From film scene work, to commercial copy to musical theatre, she has helped me find deeper connections and stronger performances in each. She encourages me to always strive for the best, and I have never felt so supported in my pursuit of acting!
— NG